Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ecce Hominem - Behold the Men

Friends, Dubliners, countrymen, lend me your ears.

Very soon, the novel Ecce Hominem will be released. 

Now don't let the Latin title frighten you, this is -

a book like no other,
a book that pulls punches,
a book that calls a spade a spade, and many other names as well,
a book for men,
a book for women,
a book for young,
a book for old,
a book for believers,
a book for non-believers.

Essentially all you need to bring to the table is the ability to read.

The first volume of the trilogy will be available soon on Amazon in paper and as e-book.

So what's it all about?
Well, essentially, that is the question the book answers.
Should I buy it? You are asking yourself.
Of course you should!
I will be covering the background to the book, in the next couple of posts.

But as a short teaser, here's what Uncle Paudge has to say about the predicament of unemployed 
middle aged men -

Look around, this is what you came back to. The land of broken dreams – the people here only exist and don’t resist the forces putting them down. They’ve all given up on life, given up on themselves. Middle aged and broken – that’s what they are. What do they get? Their couple of pints – their paltry panem et circences. They’ve been eaten by the tiger, and shat out with a vengeance. Unloved and useless – the precarious Lumpenproletariat. What have they to look forward to? Roll on death, grim reaper come and take us you fucking bastard, cut us off from this mortal coil - that’s what I say”.